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What is CV+?

CV+ is a free ‘one-stop-shop’ tool, to support any and every student:

  • CV Builder with step-by-step writing guidance and useful prompts
  • Personal Statement Builder designed to produce strong and well-structured applications
  • Digital Portfolio template to showcase and evidence skills, experiences and personality using imagery, video and teacher testimonials ..all of which can be shared at the click of a button to teachers and tutors for easy feedback.
  • Free to the first 50,000 users. (Currently at 12,000 users)
  • For all abilities from Year 10+
  • Rocket the efficacy of 1-2-1 careers sessions
  • Downloadable free teaching resources
  • Zero planning required
  • Perfect for classroom, private study and independent use


CV+ free student support tool

The challenges

When we spoke to tutors and teachers who had been tasked with supporting UCAS applications or CV writing we kept hearing about the same roadblocks:

We know they need Work Experience for a strong UCAS application but we struggle to help with this.”
Precious tutorial time is wasted trying to identify content that the student could include”.
They often don’t identify their hobbies and interests outside of school or college as being valuable they think they’re unprofessional, childish or irrelevant”.
Many students are overwhelmed and slightly avoidant. They don’t know where to start without someone holding their hand.”
I rarely meet a student who has carefully recorded all their strengths and achievements in any kind of organised way”.
They struggle at presenting and communicating themselves. They don’t now where to start other than using some dreary CV template online.”

Whether your student is looking for a place at a university, a work experience, a first job or an internship, schools and colleges offering best practice will provide students with strong support in their applications, and reap the benefits of great alumni stories.

CV+ free student support tool

The Personal Statement Helper

For students planning to attend university, the CV+ Personal Statement Builder has been designed with top UCAS advice and guidance and teacher consultation in mind. This cleverly designed process asks students to organise their portfolio ‘posts’ into 1 of 4 categories: Achievement, Responsibility, Personality, Interest… before tagging it with relevant Skills. This means that when the Personal Statement writing process begins, provided the student has uploaded some content to their Portfolio, a simple copy and paste process can quickly generate a strong draft of the Personal Statement, without any teacher support to get started.

CV Builder Tool

5 targets every great Personal Statement hits

Preparation, preparation, preparation. The more a student can get their accolades into an organised and detailed format using the CV+ portfolio, the easier it is to support and polish the Personal Statement into a winning one.

The best Personal Statements are structured in a way which methodically answers the requirements of the Admissions departments, proving:

1)  Student’s reasoning for selection of, and dedication to, the course of their choosing
2)  Evidence of how the student’s achievements, personality, interests and hobbies demonstrate and prove their compatibility with their chosen course subject
3)  Evidence of any skills mentioned in the course description
4)  Achievements, responsibilities, personality traits and interests which suggest dedication to their subject and their ability to potentially contribute to the success of the University in extra-curricular activities.

With a little preparation and organisation, the writing process is organised and pain-free, and can be started independently by the student, before working with you for those final refinements. There’s one final element, which universities find increasingly valuable, especially with rising pressure on graduate employment statistics:

5)  Evidence of work experience

Writing a strong CV, and sending it with a link to the vibrant CV+ digital portfolio, is already proving to be a refreshing and effective way of catching the attention of employers to secure Work Experience placements, through school/ college or independently. For teachers, Personal Statement writing can feel like a gauntlet as well as a marathon! More often than not your students are as stressed and overwhelmed as they are excited at the prospect of school or college coming to an end and those crucial next steps into adulthood beginning.

What next?

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