Our Story

Back in 2014 I had an idea.

What if there was a tool for students, of all strengths, abilities, backgrounds, characters and preferences which could help them to reach their goals, without requiring more teacher support? 

I asked around, and heard teachers describing one-to-one career sessions which were never long enough to be useful, students who felt rudderless and budgets which didn’t stretch far enough. I also heard employers talking about applications lacking passion, poor presentation, badly structured CVs and difficult recruitment processes with few stand-out candidates.

In this day and age 2 sides of text on A4 seems an outdated way of communicating something as vibrant and complex as a person, while everywhere else that we look we see beautiful design and powerful imagery selling services and products with incredible effectiveness.  

It seems that the CV is here to stay, but there’s nothing to stop applicants from impressing with some seriously eye-catching bonus material in applications. I knew this tool needed to deliver great presentation and content without needing expensive software and professional design and web development skills. I also knew I had to offer something which teachers found easy to deliver to students in the classroom with younger years and something which older students found easy to use without teacher support. Of course, I knew this tool had to be free for everyone and also reduce pressure for teachers; not add it. 

My team and I have built CV+ to be all of these things.

CV+ has three key functions; a CV builder to support and inspire young people as they face their first CV, a Digital Record of Achievement to showcase and evidence the content stated on the CV in full colour and a Personal Statement builder to combine the two… and beat the competition for jobs, apprenticeships and university.

Research shows us that the earlier we ask children to consider what they enjoy most in life and lay plans, the more motivation rises, focus sets in, progress gathers pace and well-being improves. We need to ask young people to be their own guides, to ignite a sense of excitement for the workplace, rather than overwhelm… and to insist that they urgently pursue their goals. 

We created all of the resources you’ll need to run a CV+ workshop in your school. These resources will introduce your teachers and pupils to this brilliant tool, guide pupils through their first CV creation and begin them in the process of recording their interests, skills, achievements and experiences, ready for job applications. 

We don’t want to see a lack of confidence or knowledge compromise opportunities and adventures for young people anymore. There is no reason why every young individual cannot be a happyvaluable and powerful professional person. 



Just download our basic resources package here to get started.

Best wishes, 

Harriet Churchward 

Founder and CEO