How a Digital Portfolio Could Help Your Job Search

If you have a great CV but haven’t yet landed your dream role, there’s a secret weapon you should know about – the digital portfolio. This is an online collection of your best work either as a student or a professional, demonstrating skills, experience and talent.

But how could this help you in your job hunt? Here are just a few of the many reasons you should seriously look into creating a digital portfolio.

Making a dynamic, unique first impression

Every job hunter has a CV, and some of these are better than others. But not everyone has a digital portfolio. This vital tool can bring your skills, personality and talents to life. There’s a strong focus on the visual, which is excellent for time-poor employers who have a stack of CVs to wade through. While you should always ensure you have a strong CV, you can enhance your application and make yourself really stand out with a digital portfolio.

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Demonstrate your skills, even if you don’t have any work experience

One of the problems faced by new graduates is a lack of work experience. When you’re competing with fellow graduates with the same qualifications as you – around 80% of students got a 2:1 or a first class degree from almost 50 universities in 2017 – it’s tough to stand out. One way you can differentiate yourself is through work experience. But you’ve been studying, so you’re unlikely to have any. To break this vicious circle, you could take on work experience or internships while you study.

The alternative is to demonstrate your skills using a digital portfolio. Start it early, while you’re still studying, so you can capture examples of projects you’re working on. It should be a snapshot showcase all your best work over the course of your studies, and you can add to it with paid work, volunteering or internships.

Digital portfolios give you the chance to demonstrate technology and technical skills, as well as your creativity. Crucially, you can use an online portfolio to show practical examples of role or sector-specific skills, such as design, project management, programming and coding, communication and many more.

Employers love the extra effort

When you apply for a role or arrive for an interview armed with a beautiful digital portfolio, it sends out a very clear message – I have gone the extra mile to impress you. Employers will appreciate the time and effort you’ve invested, as well as being impressed by your professionalism.

It’s great for freelancers

If your ambition is to work for yourself, you’ll need to attract clients. For them to take a chance, especially on an untested freelancer straight out of university, you’ll need to show them what you can do. A digital portfolio is ideal for presenting examples of your work, especially for people working in the creative and design industries. Whether you want to design websites, get started in journalism or become a freelance graphic designer, you’ll need a great portfolio.

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